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New Bathroom Accessories Brighten Your Bathroom

Explore how new bathroom accessories can create an entirely new look in your bathroom. A simple countertop sweep may be all you need to revolutionize the atmosphere in your space. Discover exciting designs and silhouettes, stylish organization solutions and new ways of thinking about your routines with bathroom accessories made for the modern home.

Streamline Your Routines with Clean Accessories

The best bathrooms make it easy to enjoy your morning and evening routines. It's easy to find everything. The counters stay clear as you put one thing down and pick up another.

Much of this streamlined use is thanks to amazing bathroom accessories. Want your bathroom like this? Get organized ASAP! 

  • Tiered caddies and towel hangers have relatively compact footprints, but let you hang or stack towels, store big bottles of shampoo or conditioners and keep water from pooling.
  • Architectural storage pieces, like hanging caddies or over-the-door hanging racks, work themselves into your bathroom organization for easy, grab-and-go while getting ready.
  • Look for chic, handy bathroom accessories, like a blowdryer holder or open-frame toothbrush holder that suctions to the wall.

Bathroom Countertop Accessories Everyone Should Have

Getting all the current bathroom countertop accessories is a lot of fun -- but make sure you've handled the essentials. At west elm, you'll find accessories that balance form and function to create a new set of true must-haves.

  • Every bathroom needs its vanity mirrors. Nearly every home has a mirror over the sink, but get a countertop mirror with room for jewelry in a built-in tray, too.
  • Have enough mirrors? You still need a place to put jewelry safely when showering. Select ceramic or matte-finish trays and place them somewhere that won't get knocked over or into the sink.
  • Make sure you have space for your hair care. Blowdryers are a cinch to store when you have a dedicated space lifted off a counter or a stand with room for a brush.

Retro-Modern Makes A Bathroom Comeback

It's always worth it to update your bathroom accessories when you see design trends changing. Now on trend are retro-modern looks that handle all of your organization needs while imparting a cool sensibility. Look for matte finishes, rounded corners, Deco-inspired marble-like looks and more.

A refreshed bathroom is only a few simple accessories away.