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    Refresh Your Bathroom with Updated Bathroom Decor

    Take a look around your bathroom and see what you can do to refresh its look and feel. Sometimes, all you need is updated bathroom decor. A simple refresh can do wonders for one of the most important rooms in your home. Try a few swaps today to make it feel like a whole new space.

    Choose A New Feel

    You can update the feel of your bathroom with a new theme for your bathroom decor. For instance, create an energizing look with lighter hues mixed with bold pops of color. Stay tranquil with gentle textures and finishes.

    • Pick a new palette or color scheme. Brights help wake you up, while neutrals with subtle accents are versatile and calming. Color can influence mood, so it's a great place to start your bathroom decor update.
    • Decide on your textures next. Maybe you love the look of metal details or a smooth retro finish to countertop accessories. Texture helps the bathroom feel welcoming and luxurious.
    • Organic materials can do a lot to elevate a space. Look for organic cotton towels, robes and slippers.

    Get Organized in Any Size Space

    Getting and staying organized in your bathroom makes a world of difference to your routines. Large or compact bathrooms benefit from smart organization.

    • Group like with like. Dedicate counter organizers or drawers to cosmetics, skincare or oral hygiene.
    • Discover modern ways to hang towels, washcloths or robes. Your stuff stays dry and organized -- plus, laundry becomes a lot easier.
    • Choose a harmonious look for organizers. Pick matching pieces in a set to create a finished look.

    Upgrade Your Bathroom Essentials

    Now that you have your approach nailed down, it's time to start selecting your new bathroom decor. Replace old, worn or outdated bathroom essentials all at once to see the most impressive change.

    • Select new bath linens. Pick up extra-luxurious bath sheets for oversized coziness when drying, plus smaller hand towels and washcloths.
    • Update your bathroom accessories for a chic style that looks like you have an interior designer.
    • Get rid of mismatched organizers and replace them with sets in unique colors and finishes.
    • Trade out old hardware, like towel bars, rings or drawer handles. Modern hardware keeps a bathroom looking brand new.

    Once you've updated your essentials, you can start to look at elements, like candles, diffusers and artwork, too. It doesn't take much to give your bathroom a well-earned boost.