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What Is Tencel Bedding?

Tencel fabric is an attractive, man-made material known for its silky softness and excellent absorbency. A special process turns pulp from sustainably harvested plants into a smooth, durable fabric that’s long been used in the manufacturing of bedding, travel accessories and sportswear. Eucalyptus is the primary plant material used to create most of the Tencel products we offer at west elm. Assemble your own cozy Tencel nest from our bedding collections. Choose from duvet covers, sheet sets and pillow shams in coordinating colors and prints.

Cool, Comfortable and Colorful

If you’re looking for a cooler night’s sleep on softer sheets, outfit your bed with a set of Tencel sheets available in neutral and bold shades. The breathability and smooth feel of Tencel bedding makes it ideal for beds in every climate. If you often wake up with clingy sheets at night, switch to Tencel bedding – it breathes and allows moisture to evaporate. Tencel has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, too, which make it an ideal bedding choice when you or a family member are ill.


People with sensitive skin benefit from choosing Tencel bedding because of its absorbent qualities and its gentle texture. Tencel is also hypoallergenic and resists dust mites, which makes it a wonderful fabric for those with allergies. If you love your current coverlet or bedspread, order a sheet set to have the Tencel where you need it most. Alternatively, coordinate an entire bedding ensemble with gorgeous printed Tencel duvet covers that are as luxe as Tencel sheets.

Building and Caring for Your Bedding Selection

Layer Tencel bedding with quilts and blankets made of other fabrics to create a multitextural bedding look. Accent solid Tencel duvet covers with several of our colorful and interesting decorative pillows to create your one-of-a-kind bedding set. If you choose a printed Tencel duvet cover, coordinate the shams with solid-color decorative pillows and throws.


Outfit daybeds and guest beds with Tencel bedding to give your sleepover guests sweet dreams and comfortable rest. Our Tencel sheets and duvet covers are available in twin, full, queen and king sizes to fit most mattresses and futons. Order Tencel pillow shams in standard, king and 26"-square Euro sizes.


Tencel sheets are versatile items around the home. Use a flat or fitted Tencel sheet in a cream or neutral shade as a hot-weather slipcover for your sofa or favorite chair. Use a flat sheet as a cover for your patio chaise while sunbathing or as a giant wrap after a hot soak in the tub. Tuck a sheet or pillowcase set in your luggage when traveling so you have sweet dreams wherever your journeys take you. Tencel sheets are great for camping and RV use, too. Pack along a set for each cot, and use one as a liner for sleeping bags. Hang flat Tencel sheets around your popup at the next music festival for a breezy curtained look with antibacterial properties. Use a Tencel sheet for a beach towel that's lightweight, cool-to-the-touch and easy to shake free of sand and crumbs.


Machine wash our Tencel bedding in warm water. Use only nonchlorine bleach detergents and cleaning products. Tencel sheets and duvet covers may be tumble dried on a low setting. The fabric dries quickly, so set the dryer for short increments. Smooth out Tencel bedding with a cool iron if the fabric does become wrinkled.


Are you ready to add some cozy, smooth texture to your home? Try Tencel! This durable fabric is ideal in the bedroom or anywhere you want to curl up with a soft blanket. Now that you know more about the beauty and durability of Tencel, it’s easy to incorporate this fabric into your home.