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Find an Assortment of Duvet Inserts For Your Bed at West Elm Online

Falling asleep at night can be extremely difficult for some people. Even if you fall asleep the minute your head hits the pillow, you know that there's nothing more bothersome than waking up only to find you can't fall back asleep.

Our duvet inserts will help you get cozy and stay asleep through the night whether it's warm outside or you're battling the winter elements to stay warm. Use this guide to learn more about our selection of duvet inserts at West Elm today.

What Kinds of Duvet Inserts Can I Buy?

Update your bed with a brand new insert for your favorite duvet. Looking to change your bedroom's style? Check out our selection of duvet covers while you're browsing.

  • European down inserts. Shopping for the ultimate duvet for your bed? Our European down inserts are some of the best on the market. Crafted with 650-fill-power for a plush feel, our European duvets are constructed with a Eurobox design so your down fill doesn't shift and move. Find all-season styles you can use through the calendar year or buy extra warm European down duvets if you like to be seriously cozy at night or you live in a cold climate.
  • Blended down inserts. Featuring 650-fill-power down with moisture wicking and sustainable TENCEL fibers, our blended down are an excellent choice for year-round use. Like our European down designs, we also have extra-warm blended down inserts for the coldest months of the year.
  • Down alternative duvet inserts. Not looking to buy a down insert for your duvet cover? Our down alternatives provide the same luxurious feel of down in an allergy-friendly package. Some of our down alternative duvets also give you that soft feel while helping you stay cool in the spring and summer. Our cooling alternative down inserts are also an excellent choice if you're a warm sleeper by nature.
  • Duvet starter sets. Get everything you need to build a better bed with a duvet starter seat. Featuring a duvet insert and two pillows, our starter sets provide all the essentials to help you fall asleep. Pair them with one of our sheet sets and a duvet cover to design a bedroom that you love spending time in.

You should love every minute you get to spend in bed. After all, those hours of rest are often hard to come by. Update your bed with a new duvet insert from our collection. Find down, down blends and down alternatives online and in our stores today.