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Dining Room Chairs

At West Elm, we know you want to leave your personal signature on your dining room. The dining room is one spot you see every day and has the power to give you a bright and positive outlook on things or help you unwind after a long day at work. It creates a gorgeous backdrop for entertaining friends, and can leave them breathless. So how can you give your dining room the vibe you’re seeking?

It’s not difficult. Furniture plays a big part in defining what you envision. Start with the larger pieces first such as your dining room table, chairs, dining buffet or console table. They’re usually what guests see first, so they tend to influence your dining room’s overall theme. Ornate details add sophistication, while the natural wood grain of reclaimed wood chairs provides a rustic and relaxing ambience.

Light Up the Room

Another way to influence the feel of your space is through dining room lighting. The bold shapes and styles of light fixtures pair with your dining room chairs and table, either in style or warmth. Pendant globes, for example, enhance 1970s-retro decor like orb chairs whereas mid-century modern seating looks amazing when paired with multi-light branching chandeliers. Of course, there’s no reason to adhere to strict norms when it comes to design; if a piece seems perfect for your collection, go for it.

A Work of Art

Dining rooms where both table and chairs follow the same style provide a harmonious and encompassing theme, basically forming a single work of art. The effect is especially noticeable when your design vision focuses on lines and contours, like with minimalist or industrial dining table layouts. Every piece contributes something to the whole. Pops of metal here and there give the room a street art vibe that is infinitely cool.

Do table and chair designs always have to match in a dining room? Not at all. The idea is to express yourself, just like an artist on canvas. There’s nothing wrong with using a round dining table with geometrically-contrasting chairs, for example. Keeping things within the same general style – rustic, traditional, modern or retro, for example – can make decorating a little easier.

Break the Rules

Of course, everything has exceptions. You don’t even have to use the same chairs throughout the entire dining room set. Eclectic design styles mean adding in a few accent chairs to mix things up a bit. A leather chair or two does wonders for grabbing attention at the head of the table, creating a virtual photo spread that looks incredible.

Size matters when picking out dining room chairs. If you’re looking for a way to create a breakfast nook in a cozy apartment dining room, a small dining table does the trick. A good rule of thumb for seating is to leave 36 inches between the edge of your table and any walls or large furniture. Armless dining chairs let you fit more place settings around the table, but arm rests also add extra comfort for groups of two or four.