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Modern Counter Stools and Bar Stools for Your Home

Increase the seating around your home with modern counter stools and bar stools. Counter-height stools generally have a 26-inch seat height and bar-height stools generally have a 30-inch seat height. In comparison, standard dining room chairs generally have about an 18-inch seat height. Using these taller bar- and counter-height stools allow you to add seating to high tables and countertops throughout the home.

Modern Style Options

Available in a variety of colors and materials like leather and metal, it's easy to find the right stools to fit your existing decor. Choose a coordinated set or mix-and-match different styles to create a unique seating setup.

  • Brown leather stools are a great addition to mid-century modern style homes.
  • Upholstered stools with metallic legs add style and shine to any modern space.
  • Simple metal stools are lovely in small spaces or minimalist households.
  • Wooden stools featuring updated designs have a unique modern-meets-traditional look that adds interest to any living space.

Home Uses

Whether you choose bar- or counter-height stools, either type will be too tall to be used in place of dining chairs at a standard dining room table. However, these trendy seats can be useful in many other parts of the home.

  • Counter stools make a great addition to large kitchen counters or kitchen islands. This allows these meal preparation surfaces to double as a place to sit and enjoy a meal.
  • Bar stools coordinate perfectly with bar-height tables and cabinets for an at-home spot to serve drinks and entertain guests.
  • In small spaces, leather or upholstered stools paired with a tall bistro table creates a compact dining area for hosting friends and family.
  • You can even use any stool with a flat surface as a tall plant stand to add greenery around your home.

Transform any tall table or counter into an entertaining area with a gorgeous set of counter- or bar-height stools from west elm. These trendy modern counter stools and bar stools add function and style to your home.