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Dining Room Benches

The beautiful thing about home decor is that there aren’t any definite rules that you have to follow. Instead, each room is like a blank canvas where you can let your imagination and personality run wild. Contemporary design puts the power of creation squarely in your hands. At West Elm, we believe that’s exactly where it belongs. One space where thinking outside of the box can produce jaw-dropping results is the dining room. Many people are used to the idea of table and chair sets as the norm. But tossing a dining room bench or two into the mix can be incredible and exciting. Here’s why.

First of all, furniture has a direct effect on the dining room’s atmosphere. It helps make your dream vision a reality, especially related to what you want guests to feel. Some dining rooms are warm and inviting, whereas others focus on being artsy and chic. The possibilities are endless. What kind of vibe do benches add to the space?

Well, that depends on the type of bench you prefer. Thick, deep-toned wood benches, for example, are intensely rustic. They invite the outdoors inside, generating a relaxing, intimate and friendly dining room when guests feel immensely comfortable. Wood benches also add a touch of exotic flair, pairing well with artisanal decor and potted plants. In fact, a vignette of romantic candles and a colorful vase filled with blossoming flowers makes a gorgeous room accent in this kind of space. Display it on top of a wood dining buffet for major effect.

Benches are extremely helpful in minimalist dining room designs, because of their sharp edges and sleek profile. They stay simple in form, yet feel silently powerful. Ironically, these minimalist benches often grab people’s attention immediately. Pair a minimalist bench with pendant dining room lighting — with smooth surfaces and breathtaking contours to add beauty to any space.

If industrial decor is more your thing, dining room benches with elements of concrete or metal contribute big time. That’s not to say that a few pops of wood are out of place. Giving industrial spaces some wood is good for softening a cool ambience and making it more inviting. Mixing metal, wood, glass and upholstered pieces throughout is also perfect for an eclectic design, so don’t be afraid to let loose by combining a table and bench with a couple of vibrant dining room chairs.

Another advantage of decorating your dining room with benches is the amount of space they save. It’s easy to fit a large number of unexpected visitors around the table with benches. When not in use, benches disappear effortlessly underneath the table, freeing up extra room around the table. That’s huge for cozy homes and apartments with small dining tables. Opting for a pedestal-style table lets you slide benches underneath easily. This same principle helps when creating breakfast nooks in a kitchen or bedroom with elegant banquettes. Take advantage of comfy bench cushions to give the room a strong pop of color.