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All Office Furniture

Whether you’re in the midst of redoing a home office that needs a facelift or you’ve just moved into a new place and are furnishing your home office for the first time, having professional, comfortable furniture is a great idea for your peace of mind. You might use your home office solely for your own document writing and computer work, or it may be a spot where you keep appointments with clients and vendors. Either way, you’ll want furnishings that are comfortable enough and welcoming for guests and a spot where you can stay organized when you need to get any job done. Whether you’re looking to add an office desk, need more storage space or simply want a new ergonomic chair, west elm has all of the office furniture you need to create a professional, presentable work environment.


One of the most important focal points out of all office furniture is your desk, and the type of desk you need is highly contingent on what you plan to use it for. If you do a lot of work-from-home jobs on the computer, a large desk with ample space for a monitor and keyboard is a good choice. If drawing or engineering better describes your work, a smaller desk with plenty of room to write may better suit your needs. If you simply need a desk to help manage your office overflow, a basic desk with a modern or contemporary design and ample storage space may be all you need. Look for a desk that best represents your sense of personal style. Mid-century and other contemporary styles do well and complement most existing office decor, while industrial or modular designs sport a more modern look.


If one of your requirements is ample storage space to stow office and personal needs, consider a space-saving wall desk and storage set to provide ample room. These sets not only provide plenty of counter space in which to do your work, but they also feature cabinets and shelving both above and beyond the desk to offer you ample storage solutions in your office space. Choose natural wood hues or desk sets painted with more vibrant colors for a fun, retro look to bring to your office.


When you need storage solutions beyond your desk area, consider other bookcases, cabinets and shelving to keep all of the items in your office secure and organized. Bookcases are ideal for books, of course, but they also do well storing other items in your office in addition to providing a showcase for trophies, awards and decor. Look for tall, industrially styled bookcases for a modern look, or opt for space-saving ladder-style bookcases for a contemporary library feel. Many of the desks and sets are complementary with bookcases, allowing you to essentially build your own workstation against a wall or in a corner of the room. Similarly, there are many types of filing cabinets that stand alone by themselves or fit snugly underneath a desk to provide you with more floor space.


Once your organization and furnishing shopping is complete, it’s time to think about your comfort while you work. Having the right desk chair is essential, especially if you spend many hours in your office reading or working on the computer. You may prefer an ergonomic, comfortable swivel leather chair in which to perform your work, or you may be more comfortable in a stationary lounge or dining chair. For guests and clients, consider furnishing your office with contemporary pieces that offer both comfort and professionalism. From mid-century dining chairs to nailhead-style desk chairs, adding additional seating in your home office allows your guests to feel comfortable, especially during long meetings.