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Get the Party Started With Wine Glasses & Champagne Glasses

Don't find yourself short-handed when it comes to having enough drinkware to go around at your next social gathering or intimate dinner party. If you've just dropped your last wine glass or need to stock up for a future event, look no further than west elm for a vast and varied array of wine glasses & champagne glasses. An essential for serving up drinks as well as getting the best flavor and aroma for maximum enjoyment, wine glasses serve a distinct purpose that is both functional and stylish. Our designs range from bountiful bowls to slim and tall vessels to curvy shapes and a host of stemless glasses that appeal to a wide range of personal preferences and individual tastes. So check out what we have to offer in this extensive collection and get ready to fall in love with your next set of wine glasses & champagne glasses.

Why Do I need Wine Glasses & Champagne Glasses?

When it comes to celebrating, sitting down to a dinner for four with your besties, or simply kicking back after a long day with a glass of wine on the patio, you can't go wrong with a decent set of glassware. Let's face it: wine and champagne always tastes better with the right vessel. So, forget the days of sipping wine from a mug or to-go cup and invest in some glassware that will help you appreciate your drink to the fullest.

Kinds of Wine Glasses & Champagne Glasses

  • Red and white wine glasses. Savor the delicate aroma and fine taste of a great bottle of wine with the help of a glass that's suited to the varietal. Crisp white wines pair best with straighter and slimmer glass shapes, while robust reds should be poured in a wider bowl to allow it to breathe properly. The stemmed design helps keep your hands off of the bowl so it doesn't interfere with the aeration of the wine and as a result, the taste.
  • Champagne glasses. The fluted shape of champagne glasses is designed so the bubbles head to the top for a pleasant sensation unlike no other. Raise your glass for a toast and then sip your sparkling beverage in our Schott Zwiesel Crystal Diva glassware for a traditional choice, or opt for contemporary stemware that includes a more shallow and stout bowl that's a throwback to the champagne-guzzling twenties.
  • Stemless glasses. The shift to more modern wine imbibing started with stemless. Boasting flat bottoms and a more tumbler-style design, stemless wine glasses offer the ultimate in contemporary wine drinking. Their versatility makes these glasses a great choice for cocktails and mocktails as well. If you still prefer a bit of a glam look, check out our Metallic Rimmed Glassware trimmed in gold.

There's More Where That Came From

Keep the party going with additional barware from west elm, such as cocktail glasses, wine openers, coasters, appetizers on cheese boards and a wheeled tiered bar cart for easy transport and accessibility to guests. Shop west elm today for the best-of-the-best in home living, dining and entertaining.