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Stock Your Home with Stylish Drink Coasters

Anyone who entertains -- or likes a strong cup of coffee or a  post-work cocktail -- knows the value of having lots of drink coasters around. These handy home essentials come in an endless variety of styles and stash just about anywhere.

Pick up a couple new sets for your home. Then, when it's time to enjoy a beverage, you'll be ready, no matter what room you choose for relaxation.

Types of Coasters

You have your pick of coasters for around your home or to give as gifts.

  • Look for two-tone woven styles, vintage patterns or pop-art styles for your everyday coasters.
  • For more formal settings, try marble, agate, petrified wood or brass sets.
  • When gifting a coaster set, look into monogrammed styles, like brass on marble.
  • You can also get a larger coaster, called a wine coaster, to rest a bottle and keep it cool.

Where To Place A Coaster

Place your coasters throughout your home for ease of use. When entertaining, have them placed individually on furniture surfaces and stacked for guests to grab as they mingle.

  • A set in the kitchen is essential. Use these when sipping wine or coffee while cooking or cleaning.
  • The dining room requires a coaster for every seat or place setting. You can include the wine coaster in a centerpiece.
  • Have a set on hand for a bar or bar counter, plus another for a den or home theatre room.

As you develop your collection, you'll find more spots to outfit with coaster sets -- and the more coasters you have, the more likely you are to pour yourself a relaxing beverage.