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Explore All Flatware Sets + Serving Utensils

Treat yourself to a gorgeous new tabletop when you shop all flatware sets + serving utensils. With so many modern selections, you'll have no trouble finding the forks, knives and spoons to match your dinner plates and other place setting elements. Serving utensils coordinate with flatware to create a harmonious tabletop that brings out the best in your serving pieces at the same time. Look for creative takes on classic favorites, like a five piece flatware set burnished in a deep gold tone or a stunning black flatware set that demands all attention. Expand your concept of flatware with chopsticks or travel sets or pick up a flatware caddy to bring outside for your next barbecue. Explore different ways to approach all flatware sets + serving utensils for an upgraded look in your kitchen, dining room or other entertaining area.

Choosing Your Flatware Sets

When selecting flatware, shopping by set is the easiest way to ensure that your table looks amazing. By choosing forks, spoons and knives that feature the same silhouette details and finish, you can pull together the details of your place settings for maximum impact.

  • First, choose an everyday flatware set. This is usually a silver tone set in most homes, but you can also check out rose gold, gold tone or black. Your everyday set grants you the most versatility when it matches your dinnerware set.
  • Select a formal or special occasion flatware set that complements your upscale dinnerware. Look for stellar options that make a creative statement, like elongated proportions, sinuous curves or high-glam finishes.
  • See how all flatware sets + serving utensils can mix-and-match across your collection. This will allow you to get the most use out of every piece in your home, no matter the occasion.

Discovering Serving Utensils

By pairing your serving utensils with your favorite flatware, you can indulge in the satisfaction of a perfectly curated home. Delight in setting the table and look for signs of friends and family admiring your collection.

  • Find a way to coordinate all flatware sets + serving utensils for balanced tabletop decor. This doesn't have to mean exactly the same silhouette or finish. It can mean complementary finishes that look great together or pieces that work with an overall palette including table linens.
  • Make sure you have a serving utensil for all of your favorite dishes. For some people, this means salad forks. For others, it means a meat fork.
  • Enhance your flatware and serveware collection by including trivets or spoon holders, so that everything has its place at the table.

Curating Your Dinnerware Collection

Learn more about the fine art of how to set the table to create refined looks that are unique to your home. Then, shop all flatware sets + serving utensils to add the perfect finishing touches.