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Elevate Your Plating with Dinnerware Sets

A scrumptious meal deserves a perfect presentation. When you serve your meals -- even if they're just for one -- with the right plates or bowls, you enhance your culinary experience and allow each dish the space it needs for full enjoyment. Serve up fine cuts, fresh veggies, soups and more with new dinnerware dish sets.

What Comes with Your Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware sets consist of different pieces, depending on your lifestyle or cuisine preferences.

  • A standard four-piece set includes a dinner plate, a salad plate, a bowl and a mug.
  • Upgrade to a five-piece set for a soup and a cereal bowl. The cereal bowl is deeper.
  • Some specialty dinnerware sets include unique pairings, like ramen bowls or serving trays.

If you love a certain style, check to see if it has complementary sets. For instance, a five-piece set might also have sets that let you add extra bowls and mugs in an easy bundle.

Go Everyday or Complement Your Place Settings

Most homes have a few standard place settings in the cabinets. New settings update or help transition your kitchen and dining room style.

  • Try a new texture, like stoneware or a luxurious bone china.
  • Add patterned pieces to a solid-colored service.
  • Load up on versatile white pieces for entertaining.

Stock your kitchen with all the dinnerware you need for delicious everyday meals and special occasions.