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Complement Your Place Settings with Dinner Plates

A full house is a joy for many reasons -- but do you have enough dinner plates to keep everyone happy and full? Whether you have a big family with big appetites or just love entertaining, you can always use a couple more plates to keep the delicacies coming.

Work new dinner plates into your current place settings to modernize your table service for your next meal.

How To Pick Dinner Plates

Choose dinner plates that suit your lifestyle and ensure your tabletop is always stylish.

  • Pick up extras that exactly match your present place settings.
  • Matching singles let you build out your service or replace broken plates.
  • Select complementary colors or patterns to add depth to the look of your settings.
  • If you go complementary, decide on silhouette, too. Plates with rims or shallow walls offer different moods at the table.

Have Fun with New Kinds of Plates

If you know you need extra dinner plates for entertaining, west elm has unique, inviting choices to help adorn a buffet, sideboard or dining table.

  • Look for upscale paper plates with metallic or other high-design touches.
  • Try bamboo plates for outdoor parties. They're unbreakable, biodegradable and dishwasher-safe.
  • Grab stacks of singles with glazes, metallics or plain white for major versatility.

Creating a tabletop you love makes every meal more significant -- and maybe even tastier.