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The New Kitchen Appliances Every Kitchen Needs

Kitchen appliances get better all the time. To keep your cooking current, you have to update your countertop gadgets. Get the best technology going with kitchen electronics that make cooking cleaner, easier and more fun.

Small Kitchen Appliances Replace Big Ones

Remember the days of giant microwaves and toasters? Trends have changed now. The small appliances of the modern kitchen are truly small now -- without compromising your serving sizes. Enjoy appliances you wouldn't have space for otherwise.

  • Try amusing appliances like a mini ice cream maker or a waffle bowl maker.
  • Mini versions of new must-haves are out now. Look for a mini-hot pot or rice cooker for one.
  • Brew a single cup of coffee at a time to customize flavor and minimize waste.

Appliance Design Is Incredible

Kitchen electronics and appliances come in gorgeous ranges of colors and finishes now.

  • Indulge in the candy and pastel colors of SMEG appliances for retro appeal.
  • Outfit your kitchen in mint green with Dash kitchen appliances.
  • Treat yourself to a toaster with a window for the perfect color every time.

Discover the amazing advances in appliances happening right now at west elm for a contemporary, state-of-the-art kitchen.