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Add Style and Warmth with Modern Outdoor Rugs

In the decorating world, rugs are very popular for a number of reasons. These handy floor coverings are easy to roll out and can completely transform the look of a room. Plus, they come in a wide range of sizes, colors and styles. Though rugs are usually used to decorate indoor spaces, modern outdoor rugs can liven up outdoor spaces like patios, porches and balconies.

Key Features of Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs may look similar to indoor rugs, but these rugs are produced with certain key features that help them to endure all sorts of weather conditions.

  • Rugs for outdoor use are generally made with thinner fabrics. Thin pile rugs won't trap dirt and dust like plush indoor rugs tend to do.
  • The fabrics used for these rugs are also durable and shed-resistant. Common outdoor rug fabrics include polyester and polypropylene.
  • These outdoor rugs generally do not require any special treatments or cleaning methods when they get dirty. Simply vacuum as normal or spray away dust and dirt with a garden hose then leave the rug to air dry.

Where to Use Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Many beautiful west elm rugs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. With many patterns and colors to choose from, these heavy-duty rugs will look great in a variety of settings inside and outside of the home.

  • A small rug on the front porch welcomes guests to your home.
  • In busy areas like the front hallway or mudroom, these durable, easy-to-clean rugs are very popular.
  • Similarly, rugs placed near the back door must also be made of heavy-duty materials to protect your floors from water, dirt and boot scuffs.
  • These rugs add warmth and color to children's playroom while also being strong enough for use where active children play.
  • Durable indoor-outdoor rugs also work well in other high traffic household areas, like the laundry room.
  • Patio rugs will make your outdoor space feel just as modern and stylish as your living room. Place a rug underneath your patio furniture to create an outdoor dining space that's perfect for entertaining.

Laying a large rug indoors or outdoors is the easiest way to transform the color scheme of any space and create a beautiful focal point. Indoor, these rugs protect floors in high-traffic areas. Outdoor rugs can help you to define a seating area on the patio or create a welcoming atmosphere at your front door. With plenty of beautiful colors and patterns to choose from, you can choose a different rug style for every area of the home.