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Add Curb Appeal with Stylish Doormats

Your grass, landscaping, walkway and front door are the first thing that guests will see when they arrive at your home, but the doormat is the first thing they're going to actually use. With quality doormats, you can make a design statement and ensure that you don't get dirt on your entry floors even when it's wet and rainy outside.

Use this guide to find a wide range of doormats in multiple styles, colorways and sizes for your front, back and side door.

What are Doormats?

Doormats, sometimes referred to as welcome mats, are designed to live outdoors and protect your entry area from outside dirt, mud and debris. Often made with a rough texture that helps give the bottom of your shoes a quick clean, door mats also play a big role when it comes to your exterior style. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression. The right welcome mat can help you do it whether you prefer an understated look or a fun, whimsical one.

What Types of Doormats Can I Buy?

Your welcome mat makes the first introduction even before your guests ring the bell or knock on the door for a dinner party. Choose the right style for your home to add a decorative touch to your exterior spaces.

  • Shop for a unique shape. Who says a welcome mat needs to be rectangular? Shop for square, round and semi-circle styles to stand out from the crowd.
  • Go for an understated style. When basic is best for your outdoor style, look for a simple mat to keep dirt at bay. Clean, solid-colored styles or mats with minimal borders serve a purpose without detracting from your landscaping.
  • Choose a colorful welcome mat. Ready to add a splash of color to your front door? Try a colorful welcome mat, a two-tone option or a graphic print.
  • Opt for a monogrammed doormat. Personalize your welcome mat with a "Mr. and Mrs." style or put your initials, surname or a personalized saying of your choice right on your mat. Order two for your front and back door!
  • Pick a whimsical style. Have a little fun with a whimsical mat featuring creative prints. Options like colorful pineapples, clever slogans and more make it easy to show off your fun side.

Door mats come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, colors and sizes, so finding the right one for every exterior door in your home is a breeze. Browse our collection today and check out our selection of planters to line your walkway and driveway or add extra style to your deck, patio and backyard.