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Benefits of Organic Bedding

We all know the benefits of a peaceful night's sleep. When we're well rested, our brains work better, we have more energy, and we're less likely to get sick. Since we spend nearly a third of our life sleeping, what we sleep on has a big impact on our health. Devotees of organic bedding love its softness and purity, and that the entire process of manufacturing the bedding is kind to the planet and fair to the people involved in its creation. west elm is committed to bringing you the finest organic bedding and to help create harmony for your health, home, and the global environment.

Why purchase organic bedding?

Just like how the food we eat affects our energy and internal body systems, the materials we sleep on affect our physical and mental well-being. Organic bedding is made from materials sourced naturally from the earth, without harsh chemicals that you don't want against your skin. Organic fabrics, too, are better for the environment, conserving our natural resources like our water supply. All west elm organic bedding is certified to GOTS global organic textile standard, which guarantees that no harmful chemicals were used in production, and that the entire process is done with compassion. This ensures you're getting high quality, pure, soft, and durable bedding, made with love and care for the earth.

west elm also partners with Fair Trade, the worldwide movement that creates long-term economic opportunities for local workers in small villages. Each time you purchase a Fair Trade organic bedding product, a percentage of the price goes into a workers' fund, helping local artisans pay for their essential needs like transportation and health care. So when you buy Fair Trade, not only do you sleep better, but you're also helping local artisans. Organic bedding has marvelous aesthetic qualities, too: the sheets and duvets are luscious and silky, they come in a dazzling array of patterns and colors, they wash and wear beautifully, and they last a long time.

Organic vs. non-organic bedding

Lovers of organic bedding appreciate how deliciously soft the sheets and pillowcases feel against their skin. west elm combines lovely materials such as sateen and jacquard with organic production so you get the best of both worlds: lush material that you feel good about owning. Compare that to non-organic cotton bedding. Cotton seems white and fluffy, but during cultivation it's sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Residue from these chemicals can remain in the finished textiles. Synthetic sheets and pillowcases, too, often contain plastics which can be absorbed by the skin. Plus, these fabrics are treated with chemicals to make them stain resistant, water resistant, and flame retardant, and you may not want to breathe in these toxic vapors while sleeping.

What types of fabrics come organic?

The most popular organic bedding fabrics are cotton, linen, hemp, and bamboo. Of these, cotton is the most prevalent, and west elm carries a wonderful selection of organic cottons including sateen, textured jacquard, and rich matelasse. Choose a duvet cover with black and white orbs that swirl like underwater bubbles. Go for 'modern art for your bed', with a sateen collection in vibrant blues and purples. Feeling subdued? Opt for a jacquard bedspread in muted shades of cream. With so many colorful choices, you'll be like a kid in an organic candy store. You'll probably forget, just for a moment, the other benefits of organic cotton:

  • That its sheets made without dyes and bleaches are easy on your skin.
  • That many organic cotton blankets, handmade by artisans, can help regulate temperature and keep you warm without overheating because the fibers breathe.
  • That pillows made with organic cotton provide protection from dust mite allergens, a relief to people with allergy and asthma.
  • That organic cotton is so comfy and soft, a 250-thread count using organic Pima cotton can feel just as wonderful as an 800-thread count of a conventional cotton sheet.
  • That organic cotton can take repeated washing and drying cycles without fading or pilling.

Add a classic touch by personalizing your organic sheet sets and pillows. At west elm, you can monogram your initials, icons, or any message you desire. Personalized sets are an excellent choice for presents - for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and more. Your friends and loved ones will thank you for the thoughtful and environmentally-friendly gift.

We spend so much time in bed, it's vital to choose our bedding wisely. Great style and caring for the planet can go hand in hand. west elm shoppers appreciate that organic cotton bedding works well with their decor, feels great, honors a commitment to the earth, and increases sustainability all around.