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Mirrors and Wall Decor Sale

Your home is more than just a place where you rest and eat meals. It’s vibrant and inspiring. It makes you happy from the second you walk in the door. It recharges you after a day at work and lets you share beautiful moments with the people you care about. What makes your home so exciting and full of life? One thing that helps is decor. Bright colors, interesting shapes and design themes give each space its own particular vibe. At west elm, we offer tons of different types of art to make it easy to add layers of luxury, chic and vintage flair to any room. With our mirrors and wall decor sale, you can go all out expressing your creative side.

Mirrors are an inspiring way to decorate a space. For one thing, they harness both natural ambient lighting and illumination coming from light fixtures, which is then reflected throughout the room. That’s an easy way for giving your home a signature mood. Cool lighting – along with morning and afternoon rays of sunlight – make the room feel brighter. The effect is a refreshing and happy feeling that fills you with a desire to take the world by storm. A mirror on your dining room accent wall takes the golden glow from an overhead chandelier and diffuses it all around the table. Having a cozy ambience tells your body to relax and enjoy every bite of a home-cooked meal or a mouthwatering chocolate dessert. Even in an open concept dining room, guests and family members feel closer together.

Another advantage of decorating with mirrors is that they add space to the room – at least visually. That feeling helps everyone feel comfortable, even in smaller houses and apartments. Where can you put a mirror for maximum effect? That depends on the layout you’re using. One suggestion is to place mirrors close to the room’s furniture. That way you and your guests experience the view anytime you’re sitting down. In the living room, that might mean hanging or leaning mirrors next to a sectional or sofa’s armrest or close to an armchair. In the bedroom, try situating a wall mirror across from your bed or on a side wall.

The best thing about mirrors is that you can customize them completely to harmonize with your room theme. For something minimalist, a sleek square or rectangular mirror with dark borders – or without a frame at all – works wonders. If your design vision leans more toward traditional elegance, you might choose a circular mirror with ornate details and metallic highlights. Vintage, eclectic and exotic styles all have mirrors that match.

What about shelves? While it’s true they’re great at being functional, there’s no reason to stop there. Our shelves have an artistic flair that sets them apart from standard shelving. These shelves make it easy to add pops of decor right where you want them. Shelves are equally comfortable with being the star of the show, either in the center of the room’s main accent wall or playing a backup role in any spot you feel is missing a little pizzazz. They come in many kinds of shapes and sizes too, from rectangular to semicircular.

How can you use shelves to draw attention to a room’s centerpiece? One way is to place equal pairs on each side. In the living room, vertical arrangements of shelves above and off to the side of a media table give you a spot to display photos, artwork, sculptures and other decorative pieces, all while directing attention to the main focus in the space. You can use the same idea to accent a large piece of artwork, maybe using complementary decorative objects on the shelves. Each element adds another layer of intrigue that captivates guests.

No matter what kind of artwork, mirrors or wall decor you choose, remember that the important thing is to express yourself. Feel free to think outside the canvas with artwork that’s bold and different. Play around with texture, color and emotion to your heart’s content.