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Decorate Your Space with a Modern Clock

Most of us have a dozen ways to tell what time it is today, from the smartphone in our pocket to the computer screen we spend a ton of time in front of each day. That doesn't mean that a modern clock can't spruce up your space and serve an important function in almost every room in your home. Keep reading to learn more about our selection of clocks and how you can use them in your different rooms.

What is a Modern Clock?

In a modern home you may not immediately look to a wall clock to tell the time. However, a modern clock can do a whole lot to complement your decor. Here are a few ways to find the right modern clock for your space:

  • Find the perfect space for a clock and measure that area. Wall clocks and tabletop clocks add style to your space, but they need to fit the room properly. Measure before you buy.
  • Look to match existing elements in your decor. The finish on items like picture frames is a great starting point.

What Clock Styles Can I Buy?

Modern clocks come in tons of different styles, so finding one for your home is simple. Here are a few options you can find:

  • Metal clocks. Brass, stainless steel, chrome and pewter are all excellent options for a wall or tabletop clock. Match existing finishes in your room.
  • Colorful clocks. Bold, brightly-colored clocks make a statement on your wall or perched on top of your console, TV cabinet or desk.
  • Oversized clocks. Make a big splash with an oversized wall clock in your living room, den or home office. Myriad styles help you find the right one for your decor.

Make time to add a modern clock to your home this year to boost both form and function. Shop west elm today to find clocks and accessories for every room in the house.