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Decorative Mirrors

Adding decorations to your walls can be a simple and satisfying work of art, especially with our help. By mixing different colors, shapes and textures on your walls, you can quickly and easily create an enjoyably sophisticated and stylish ambiance in any room of your house. West Elm’s decorative mirrors are a great tool to use in creating refined yet eclectic home decor layouts, offering you the opportunity to bring a variety of different shapes and reflective surfaces into dark corners and small spaces that could use some dimension. From groups of tiny decorative mirrors to large faceted options and even some mirrors with built-in shelving, our selections in this product category provide something for everyone, even if your sense of style is wild and unique.

While all mirrors can reflect light and imagery, that’s not always the main purpose of a decorative mirror. Though we do offer decorative mirrors with only a little bit of embellishment around the perimeter, providing plenty of usable space for you to inspect your reflection, we also offer decorative mirrors that are too small, faceted, textured or sculptural to give you an accurate reflection. These decorative mirrors are a great choice for spaces that feel a bit too dark but call for something more innovative and special than a plain, flat mirror. Our more modestly decorated mirrors can look great in any space, even in a prominent place over your bathroom sink or by your front door.

There are many ways to approach the display and arrangement of decorative mirrors. You can arrange them to make a statement wall in a living room or to create decorative continuity down the length of a hallway or staircase. Some of our decorative mirrors are available as part of coordinating groups that have the same style but subtle design differences. You can choose to bring home just one item from these groups, or you can get them all. Opting for one or more of each style within a collection allows you to create a cluster of decorative mirrors that make a big impact. They can be arranged artfully to showcase their coordinating style and individual unique attributes.

You can pair your smaller decorative mirrors with a wall mirror, creating a bright, reflective arrangement over a mantelpiece or in an entryway. It’s also possible to use these small, decorative mirrors as a way of framing a small window and helping to enhance the amount of light coming out of that area. Our larger decorative mirrors are similarly versatile; you can purchase multiple large mirrors and use them to create a dramatic mosaic of reflection, texture and shape. With options including faceted, frosted and framed mirrors in circles, rectangles, squares, hexagons, diamonds, clovers and more, you’ll be able to choose something that’s just right for your style.

We offer several handcrafted mirror styles in the decorative mirror category, so you can focus on your ethical priorities as well as style as you shop. We offer a series of unique, ornate handcrafted mirrors made by skilled Peruvian artisans. These mirrors use sustainable materials and are available in different shapes, sizes and colors to allow for maximum versatility and appeal. Whether you have a minimalistic design style or you like to go all out with color and texture, you’ll be able to find a special handmade decorative mirror to suit your taste.

Decorative mirrors are quite versatile. Use them as part of a gallery wall mixed with prints, paintings and photographs, or create a bright and shining gallery wall with decorative mirrors alone. With options that can allow you to swap a plain mirror for something decorative over your vanity and some styles with built-in storage, our selection of decorative mirrors has something for everyone, including those who prefer function over form.