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How to Improve Jewelry Storage With a Jewelry Box

Keeping your jewelry well organized delivers several benefits. First, it ensures that each piece remains in good condition, keeping necklace chains untangled and ensuring each earring remains with its pair. Depending on the jewelry box you choose, your jewelry can double as a decorative display, adding a dazzling touch to your bedroom or bathroom. Alternatively, you can opt for concealed storage that keeps your jewelry well organized and out of the way. Learn more about how to improve jewelry storage at home with west elm's collection of jewelry organizers.

1. Showcase Jewelry With Open Storage

One style of jewelry box from west elm offers open storage solutions. These open storage solutions allow you to showcase your jewelry while keeping it easily accessible. Trays and bowls are sleek pieces that can sit on your bathroom countertop or dresser. Use them to collect your jewelry. Bowls can hold small items like earrings and rings, while rectangular trays are ideal for larger pieces, such as necklaces. Smaller trinket dishes are perfect for storing on a nightstand, allowing you to slip off your jewelry before bed and store it safely. These trays and bowls come in several styles, built with sturdy materials such as ceramic, marble and aluminum.

2. Use Hanging Storage as Decorative Wall Art

Let your favorite jewelry pieces add a decorative touch to your space with west elm's hanging jewelry storage solutions. These wall-mounted styles stand out on a bedroom, bathroom or closet wall and function as a convenient wall organizer. A shadowbox style offers ample storage space for many pieces of jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. A decorative branch mounts on your wall and offers plenty of space to hang and display your necklaces.

3. Invest in Traditional Jewelry Boxes

West elm's jewelry box selection also includes traditional jewelry boxes that promise concealed storage for your favorite pieces. These jewelry boxes maximize organization, offering various compartments and drawers that allow you to separate different pieces and keep them secure. Consider separating pieces by type, adding each style to its cabinet or drawer. Jewelry organizers include other features, such as mirrors, that simplify the process of putting on jewelry every day.

Give your jewelry the care it deserves with a jewelry box from west elm. This collection of storage solutions offers something for every jewelry collection, whether you want to transform your jewelry into decor or keep it concealed and stored securely.