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Grab Stunning Planters For Your Garden From West Elm

Your garden is a sacred space that deserves the best, so make sure your planters aren't just functional, but also fashionable when you grab gorgeous plant pots from West Elm. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes and materials for your plant pots, like fiberstone, concrete, glass, metal, ceramic and more.

If you're short on space, don't worry, there are planter options for you. For smaller garden spaces, use all of your available space by investing in wall planters. These unique planters feature attached pots that sit into a tiered design and are easily installed on your outdoor walls. You can also opt for a stand planter, which lets you feature several potted plants in a tiered space. Some plant pots are also multipurpose and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, so no matter what style you prefer, these pots are ready for you. Craft a truly exceptional garden, all with a little help from West Elm.

Craft a Stylish Garden For Your Space

Whether you're expanding an outdoor garden or looking for planters that will work indoors, West Elm has just the accessories you've been hoping for. For your indoor space, choose from plant pots that are perfectly suited for your plants, and that are also crafted to enhance the look of your space. From gorgeous ceramic pieces to ficonstone, metal, wood, porcelain and more, the perfect pots for your plants are just waiting to come home and give your space an earthy look.

Along with your pots, you can also pick out some plants to go along with your new accessories. Choose from a variety of plant options, from lush succulents to bird of paradise plants, golden pothos and other unique house plants. And if you're not much of a gardener but still want to harness this lush look for your space, then West Elm has you covered with gorgeous faux plant options. Faux plants are easy to maintain, as a quick wipe from a cloth is all they need to keep them looking their best. When placed in your new pots, you'll have a style that's second to none in your home. For all your indoor and outdoor gardening needs, West Elm has just what you need.