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Pretty and Practical Poufs

In small spaces, any furniture that can be used to meet multiple needs is highly desirable. Floor pillows double as a seat and as a footrest to greatly enhance your living room or bedroom. You can even place a small serving tray on top to transform these pillows into a miniature coffee table. And these poufs are not only functional but also come in many gorgeous colors and styles to add decorative flair to your home.

Poufs and Pouf Covers

The poufs at west elm are available in three basic shapes: square, rectangular and oval. Since they all function in the same way, it's just a matter of choosing between the crisp lines of the square and rectangular pillows or the soft edges of the oval pillows.

Most floor pillows are pre-filled and come with a non-removable decorative cover. Design options include bright colorblock styles, Moroccan-inspired styles and trendy metallic styles. You can also create your own pouf cover for a square or rectangular pillow by selecting from a dozen great fabric options, then choosing the color or pattern that will work best in your space. Create cohesion in your living area by matching the floor pillow to the other accent pillows or throws used to decorate your bed or sofa.

Custom Bean Bag Chairs

Another popular option for floor seating is the bean bag chair. Created in the 1960s, these chairs feature a fabric outer covering and an insert made of soft pellets. The end result is a chair that conforms to your body, creating the perfect nest for relaxation.

Customize your chair by choosing from a variety of cozy fabric options, like tweed, plush velvet, linen weave and faux suede. Each fabric also comes in various colors so you can coordinate with the room's existing color palette. A modern fabric cover paired with the retro look of a bean bag chair creates an eye-catching contrast in your living room or bedroom.

Use west elm's multifunctional floor pillows to create an extra seat near the coffee table or as a cozy footrest for your sofa. With many trendy colors and styles to choose from, these pillows are a great addition to your bedroom, living room or other living space.