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Complete the Look With Room Decor & Accessories

Giving your home a professionally designed look comes down to the small finishing touches, such as the room decor and accessories. These pieces can be fun, functional or just stylish accents to the space. Vases, plants, picture frames and candles are just a few of the little items that come together to pull the overall design of your space together.

Choosing the Best Room Decor & Accessories

The key to picking the best room decor and accessories to fill any space is to consider the primary elements of each design, such as:

  • Item: As you begin to shop, consider the needs of the room and determine what types of items you plan to decorate with. Frames provide you with a space to highlight favorite family photos, scented candles provide an enticing aroma and decorative trays help to keep everything contained. With so many different types of items available, you really have the freedom to choose pieces that are right for you.
  • Design: Once you know what types of items you want, check out the overall design to see if it coordinates with pieces you already have and love.
  • Material: If you find a couple of items you love, check out the different materials used to craft the piece, as well as any available finishes.
  • Size: The pieces you pick need to fit in the space you have available. Before you make final selections, check out the dimensions of the items.

When you find a piece you absolutely love, use it as a foundation for an eye-catching vignette and look for additional items you can pair with it to complete the effect. For the best results, try to arrange different types of accents in arrangements of odd numbers, such as three or five items together. Varying the height, scale, color and even texture of the items will provide a pleasing result.