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Decorating with Modern Vases

Useful and sophisticated, the classic flower vase makes a lovely decorative accent on tabletops and surfaces throughout the home. Modern versions blend sleek designs with modern colors using materials like metal, glass and ceramic. Mix-and-match modern vases in various sizes and colors, then add fresh or faux botanicals to create eye-catching centerpieces throughout the home.

Vase Sizes and Designs

While modern vases are pretty enough to be left empty and used as a simple decorative accent, they are usually used to display plants and flowers. The modern vase collections at west elm include a wide selection of short, tall, wide and skinny flower holders, all of which are designed with a specific purpose in mind.

  • The classic tall and skinny bottle-style vase is ideal for small flower arrangements. These vases take up little space on a table but make a big impact due to their height.
  • Wide cylinder-style flower holders can display larger arrangements with plenty of greenery as filler.
  • Large decorative urns and jugs look great on their own or filled with flowers and trailing plants.
  • A short, wide teardrop vase is a great option to hold a single flower, sprigs of herbs or incense rods. Small bud urns are also ideal for incense.
  • Large centerpiece bowls are also available as a unique flower display solution. A bowl vase can hold flower petals, leaves, decorative plant stones and more.

Vase Colors and Materials

Once you've chosen the right shape and size to suit your needs, you can move on to the decorative aspects of the vase. Both the material type and the color will make a big difference in the overall look of the piece.

  • For something simple and stylish, look for neutral ceramic plant holders in black or white. The bright colors of flowers and greenery pop against a neutral vase.
  • Many bright and colorful options are also available. Look for pretty porcelain and stoneware options in bright shades like turquoise and coral. While most are painted one color, certain flower holders function as an eye-catching statement piece with pretty, colorful patterns.
  • Metal flower holders make a great addition to any modern-style household. Material options include stainless steel with a brass finish, aluminum with an antique brass finish and recycled materials with a natural, oxidized metal finish.
  • Glass is another material often used in modern decorating. Clear glass vessels show off the entire plant and stem or any vase fillers you may be using. Colored glass options are also available.

Create fresh botanical displays around the home with modern vases from west elm. Choose from a wide selection of shapes and sizes to hold everything from single blooms or fronds to full flower arrangements. With options ranging from simple black and white ceramic pots to bold metallic styles, there's a great vase collection to fit every living space.