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Decorative Pillows & Throws for Every Room

Prepare to fall in love with decorative pillows & throws. If you haven't already caught onto this obsession, it won't take long to see why anyone who loves interior decor quickly amasses a gorgeous collection of throw pillows and blankets. These simple textiles add color, texture and plushness to any room, plus they look great no matter where you put them. Soften the angles or contours of seating. Give yourself some well-deserved back support or just create some visual depth in a room full of modern or minimalist furniture. With new styles available all the time, stock up on the decorative pillows & throws you love now and check back often for more.

Easy Decor Transformations

The quickness with which you can transform any space is one of the main reasons stylish types end up with so many decorative pillows & throws. Add boosts of color, try a new texture and play with pattern all with just a few shopping selections.

  • Trade colors out every few months to keep your home feeling updated. While a sofa may be an investment piece to last many seasons, throw pillows incorporate the trending favorites and seasonal looks you crave.
  • Texture changes the mood in your living room or bedroom almost instantly. Add corded throws, velvet pillow covers or shag textures to update the space.
  • Pattern comes to life when you arrange decorative pillows & throws around your rooms with care. Pops of geometry look incredible against the clean lines of a modern couch, armchair or coffee table.

Creating Cozy Rooms and Nooks

Decorating with throw pillows or blankets can help you make your space more inviting or cozy. Work with the seasons as you make your selections by including textures and colors that make sense for the weather or climate where you're decorating.

  • A dining room becomes a place to linger and converse as courses make their way around the table when you include pillows on each chair. The support and softness keep friends looking forward to dinner at your place.
  • Movie night can easily become a fun binge when you have plenty of throw blankets and pillows to pile around the room. Invite friends over, make it a date or snuggle up on your own.
  • Add a reading nook to your bedroom or living room. A cozy armchair, a side table and lamp, plus a beloved blanket are all you need to catch up on books, magazines or scrolling what's new with friends on social media.

Remember to include decorative pillows & throws in areas where guests stay, too. By making your space as comfortable as possible for all who visit, you'll be happy to call it home.