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Linen Curtains

One of the most important pieces of decor that you place in a room is also one of the most useful. After you’ve decided on your wall art, decor, furniture and rugs, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your space and choose your curtains. With a variety of materials, colors and styles to choose from, west elm has a vast selection of modern and contemporary curtains to bring beautiful final touches into your home decor. To bring both texture and elegance to the room you’re decorating, consider linen curtains. Woven from flax fibers, linen is a durable, versatile fabric, ready to stand up to years of use while also looking elegant and flowing when used as a curtain or drape. From eco-friendly, high-quality Belgian flax to sleek neutral linen, you’re sure to find both the color and size you need.


It’s always a good idea to decide on the theme or feel you’re trying to create as you add window treatments to each room. When it comes to color, white offers a clean, crisp feeling, which is great for both bathrooms and bedrooms. Neutrals, such as grays, beiges and off-whites, offer a subtle sense of elegance, never overpowering the room while blending in well with existing decor. Patterned and embroidered curtains can still be subtle, or they may add a bold sense of color and style to enliven the room. Similar to using bold or brightly colored curtains, your window treatments can easily be a focal point of your room and an important part of the decor via their texture. Linen curtains come in whites, neutrals, patterns and bright or deep colors, allowing you the flexibility to choose the style you feels best complements your space.


Size is also an important consideration when curtain shopping, and it’s a wise idea to measure each window and frame before you select a size. Smaller standard windows often work well with 63" curtains, while other standard windows do better with a length of 84". Decide on whether you’d like the edge of the curtain to touch the floor or not, and measure where you would like the curtain to fall. There are many longer lengths available to suit larger windows, or even floor-to-ceiling windows.


Should you require a lot of privacy and coverage, there are also blackout panels available to complement a linen curtain. In addition, look for window hardware sold separately that complements the contemporary, modern style of your linen curtains. Pair your desired window hardware with linen curtains to complete a look and enjoy successful, simple installation.