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Modern Furniture and Home Decor on Sale

Building a beautiful and relaxing home doesn’t have to cost a bundle. At west elm, we’re pleased to provide you with quality-built sale products that give you decorative freedom in every room of your home. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or putting the finishing touches on your bedroom design theme, you can find everything you need to create a home that’s as inviting as it is comfortable.


Laying the foundation for any room in your home is easy with our sale furniture collections. Choosing from leather or plush sofas and recliners in modern colors and design options creates a living room you’re proud to show off and love spending time in. Designing a room where you can enjoy a relaxing escape from the daily tasks that surround you begins with the bedroom furniture collection that’s waiting for you to discover it. Whether you’re choosing a single piece of furniture to complement your current room design or shopping for an entire room full of furnishings, it’s easy to transform your space with the wide range of furniture pieces available.


When it comes to lavish bedding, we have it all. Our sale bedding collections and sets allow you to choose from comforters and duvet covers with matching shams for an entire look in one package. Giving your room its own personality evolves when selecting from our many sale sheet sets in a wide range of thread counts, colors and prints. Mixing and matching the bed linens for your bedroom design opens many possibilities and makes it easy for you to express yourself with different colors and textures.


From living rooms to bedrooms, you can’t go wrong with our pillows, throws and poufs in all shapes and sizes. Pillows, throws and poufs have a way of bringing rooms with various focal points together for a cohesive look and feel, and they add pops of color that you can switch out on a whim when you want to incorporate other pieces. The high-quality pillows, throws and poufs we have available work well for adding detail and depth to any room in your home, and they provide that inviting feel that beckons to you every time you enter a room.


Lighting fixtures for your home have many purposes beyond just brightening up the space. Our sale chandeliers offer a look of grandeur in entryways or when hanging in your dining room. Placing a table lamp within an area offers a soft glow that’s both inviting and soothing. Wall sconces and wired lighting fixtures give you the ability to bring light to darker areas of your home with ease while saving floor space for other pieces of furniture. Floor lamps offer the convenience of placing light in areas of your home where hardwired fixtures aren’t feasible or when you want to enjoy the ability to change the lighting design of a room easily.


Setting up a relaxing atmosphere in any room is easy with our sale candles and diffusers. The soft glow of the flickering candles and the soothing scents that emerge from the diffusers go a long way in creating a specific ambience within a room. Available in many color options, scents, sizes and designs, there are no limits to the environment you can create when placing candles and diffusers around your home.


Using jewelry boxes and trays in our sale collection offers an elegant means for securing your precious gemstones and heirloom jewelry. Placing jewelry trays by your bed allows you to easily slip off your rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings after a busy day, knowing that your treasures are safe. Our jewelry boxes and trays make for great gift ideas as well.


Our sale collection is filled with elaborate furnishings for your home, accent pieces, gift ideas and everything in between. With all the modern styles and design trend items available, checking back regularly with our sale collection ensures you never miss out on great products you’ll love.