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Beach Towels For the Best Summer Ever

Beach towels are a wonderful symbol of summer. Once you pick out your new towels for the season, you know it's time for carefree days at the beach or long weekends at the pool. Make the most of the warm weather and sunshine when you select towels that are soft, absorbent and feature bright, cheerful designs. Make sure you have enough that you can stay lounging over doing laundry, too. A beach towel is definitely one of those items where an extra gets used.

Features to Shop for Your Beach Towels

There are a few basic features to any good beach towel that help you make the most of your time by the pool or in the sand.

  • Look for cotton, since it feels great on your skin, does an excellent job of absorbing water and is one of the easiest materials to wash.
  • Organic cotton lets you rest assured that you're making sustainable choices when you shop. Plus, many people agree that organic cotton feels amazing against your skin.
  • Almost all towels have a loop construction. This helps get you dry without making your towel soggy. Loops can be piled high or tight.
  • A classic beach towel is bigger than a bath towel. You should be able to stretch out in the sand comfortably or place a few of them together to make a big base for you and all your friends.

Mix, Match and Collect

When it comes to your designs, feel free to have a lot of fun. There are no rules here. How you choose your color palette or design motifs is up to you.

  • Pick a few of your favorite colors, like sunshine yellow or ocean blue and select towels in that range.
  • Go avant-garde and select a signature design. Get all your beach towels in that singular design for a creative statement oceanfront or under your patio umbrella.
  • Try reversible towels to mix, match or flip over to create patterns when laid out in a row.
  • Monogram yours with your initials for a special touch that lets everyone know who's got great style in beach towels.

How Many Towels Do You Need?

Plan for how many towels you really need, so that when you shop, you get the styles you really want.

  • If you're stocking a beach house or a cabana because you have a pool at home, get up to 12 towels to create a large set that lets friends and family enjoy the outdoors without a care.
  • For apartment dwellers who hit a community pool or a pool in the building, two to four per person is enough. That way, you can get through a long weekend comfortably.
  • If you're going on vacation, you may want to bring your own towels, depending on the accommodations. Some people like to bring one of their own, even when there is a cabana or towel rental available.

Enjoy the season while it lasts with a beach towel that reflects your summer style.