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Find Outdoor Sectionals for Backyards, Patios and Decks

Hosting backyard barbecues, gathering friends and family for sunset cocktails or just enjoying a poolside hangout with the family. They're all great activities, but you need some furniture that'll work for a group if you're going to do it right. With outdoor sectionals from West Elm, you can seat a half-dozen and enjoy every sunrise and sunset just a little more.

Use this guide to learn more about outdoor sectionals and how they can work in your entertaining spaces.

What are Outdoor Sectionals?

Designed to seat multiple people and fill up your deck, patio or backyard, sectionals are ideal pieces of furniture for large spaces. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when shopping for outdoor sectionals and lounge furniture in general:

  • Measure your space before you shop. Sectionals are ideal for seating multiple people as long as they fit your space. Block out your area with painters tape to see a real-life representation of what sectional size is best.
  • Consider the angle. Right-facing and left-facing sectionals make it easy to configure your space, but you need the right one for your deck, patio or backyard. Block your space off with tape to see which one is best.

What Styles Can I Find?

Outdoor furniture pieces like sectionals come in tons of different styles. Here are a few options that could work for your outdoor seating area:

  • Outdoor sectionals in two, three and four-piece varieties. Choose your color scheme and then match the size to your outdoor space.
  • Sectionals with chaise lounges. Put your feet up and bask in the sun with a full-length chaise lounge.
  • Low sectionals. Make your space more modern with a stylish low sectional that's perfect for any contemporary home.

Enjoy your time outdoors with stylish seating from West Elm. You can also find outdoor accessories like rugs, dinnerware and more for your next party.