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Plant Ideas and Inspiration

No room decor is complete without the addition of some lush plants. Not only do they bring a pop of color to a space, but they are also a great way to create a transition to the outdoors. Place them in a sunroom, add them to a living space or use them to complete a bedroom design. Check out all the indoor plant ideas and inspiration below to bring those ideas into your space by shopping the collection at west elm.

Choosing the Right Planter for the Space

When you choose to outfit your home with natural plants, they need a place to thrive. The right planter provides the space needed to let roots grow while allowing room for soil and fertilizer as well.

Outdoor Planters: Gardens are great but not all your plants can be placed in the ground. Create multiple elevations of plants by selecting outdoor planters of various sizes and heights. Arrange them on a front porch, back patio, or deck. Choose different sizes from the same collection or mix-and-match planters from different collections for a more cohesive look. Outdoor planters typically feature drainage holes that allow the excess water after a rain or sprinklers to flow out of the planter to help prevent over-watering.

Indoor Planters: Plants aren't just for outdoor spaces. Include them in your interior decor by placing them in planters designed for your indoor area. Indoor planters are designed to help protect the floors beneath by offering a layered design or a design without drainage. Water them as much as they need but try not to over-water the plants because the excess water will have nowhere to go.

Large indoor plants are ideal for floor planters, which have a great way of taking up visual space while adding texture and style. For smaller plants, try featuring a vase on a table, a wall-mounted planter or even a hanging planter. These options make it easy to showcase plants at multiple heights visually.

Natural vs. Artificial Plants

When it comes to featuring plants in the home, there are two main choices:

Natural Plants: Real plants work to help clean the air and bring a natural beauty to a space. They require light and water to thrive, so make sure you place them in an area where they will receive both.

Faux Botanicals: Fake plants can offer the look of the real thing without the constant upkeep. Faux botanicals don't have the same light and water requirements, making them perfect for placing on decorative ledges and in darker corners.

When it comes to decorating, the addition of plants can help make a space look like it jumped off the pages of your favorite decorating magazine. At west elm, you will find everything you need to house your favorite natural plants. There is also an incredible selection of artificial plants that will provide the look of the real thing without the need for a green thumb.