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Elevate Plants and Flowers with Modern Indoor Planters

Decorating with flowers and greenery is a simple way to add freshness to your living spaces. Upgrade your greenery with modern indoor planters from west elm. Choose from a wide selection of stylish plant pots in different sizes and colors crafted of metal, ceramics, earthenware, glass and more.

Indoor Planter Pots

Real and artificial flowers, houseplants, succulents and other botanicals look best when displayed in a nice pot that coordinates with the rest of the room's decor. Planters for indoor use are available in various designs to suit your gardening and decorative needs.

  • Simple plant pots come in small sizes to decorate wall shelves, counters and tabletops as well as larger sizes which can sit on the floor or on a sturdy surface.
  • Plant pots with stands are a great solution for decorating empty corners, as the raised planter and the plant within can be seen over other furniture. Metal and wooden plant stands are available in several different heights.
  • Hanging planters are great for small spaces as they keep your floors clear. These pretty planters can hang from the ceiling near a window using the hanging rope or chain which is included.
  • Wall planters are also great for small spaces as they hug the walls, maximizing your living space. Mix-and-match small and large wall planters to create a hanging garden that's as pretty as any artwork.
  • There are also several unique indoor planters available to add a little decorative flair to your living spaces. Options include pots shaped like animals, bookend planters to straighten books on a bookshelf and plant screens to divide areas in a large space.


For plants like succulents, air plants and miniature cacti, there's no better display vessel than a terrarium. A terrarium is a small glass container with a flat base and an open top, perfect for decorating bookshelves, console tables, dressers or any other tabletop surface. The open top lets you mist your plants and glass walls let you watch them grow. Simple glass globes with a wood or metal base are a popular option but geometric options are also available.

While these glass containers make the perfect home for small plants, artificial succulents can also be used to create a beautiful display with no maintenance required. Decorative plant stones, soil, faux moss and other fillers add color and texture to these glass containers.

Liven up your living spaces with indoor planters and terrariums from west elm. These pots and planters can hold real or artificial succulents, flower arrangements, house plants, herbs and other botanicals. Create fresh, gorgeous plant displays in every room in the home by mixing and matching floor planters, hanging planters, wall planters and glass terrariums.