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Decorating with Dried Flowers & Plants

Accent your home with dried flowers & plants for a modern look. West Elm has a wide selection of real and faux plants and flowers. They come in stems, bundles and bouquets to provide plenty of decorating options; there are also dried wreaths for every season. You'll also find live and faux potted plants in various sizes and styles.

Types of dried flowers & plants

There are multiple options when it comes to choosing dried flowers & plants. Go for contemporary style with a dried bleached bouquet of white flowers in a white vase. If you love an understated look, a single palm leaf stem in a vase is one option to consider.

The right plants and flowers for your home are the ones you like best. Space is also a consideration--if you've got an empty corner, consider a bundle of dried eucalyptus leaves in a tall container. Wild grass is also good for taller vases. For coffee tables and side tables, consider a bunch of dried lavender in a ceramic vase or a glass jar filled with reindeer moss. Even a decorative bowl filled with dried lotus pods and moss orbs can work as a home accent piece.

West Elm also has dried wood and willow orb pieces that can be placed on the mantel or console for a modern accent. Play around with different botanicals and arrangements to see what works for your space. There aren't any decorating rules to follow when it comes to plants and flowers, whether you choose dried, fresh, faux or real.

You can combine dried botanicals with fresh ones for a contrasting look. West Elm has live indoor plants and faux ones that look like the real thing. Faux plants let you bring the beauty of nature indoors without the maintenance that real plants require; all you need to do is dust them every now and then.

Seed kits and gardening essentials

In addition to dried flowers & plants, there are seed kits and tools for gardeners of all skill levels. West Elm is proud to offer Modern Sprout growing kits--choose from varieties such as Ritual Tea and Harvest gift sets. There's also a three-jar set with pansy, zinnia and chamomile seeds. If you need gardening supplies, there's Miracle-Gro® potting mix and plant food. Shop the selection to find all the flowers, plants and supplies you need for your home.