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Shop Outdoor Coffee Tables at West Elm

Enjoying the sun is a must in the spring and summer months. Depending on where you live, you might be able to sneak in an outdoor cocktail party, a little time in the pool or just an afternoon in a lounge chair with a good book when the weather is right. To really create a comfortable outdoor space, you need an outdoor coffee table as part of your setup.

Soak up some sun and do it in style with our selection of outdoor coffee tables. Designed to pair with our outdoor seating and lounge essentials, we've got an assortment of styles designed to fit your exterior spaces perfectly.

What Outdoor Coffee Tables Are Available?

Make the most of your exterior lounge space with a new coffee table from West Elm. Here are some of the styles you can shop for online and in our stores right now:

  • Classic teak styles. Durable and understated, teak is a classic choice for any exterior design. Available in a range of colors, teak also blends beautifully if you're trying to add a new coffee table to an existing outdoor scheme featuring sofas, chairs, sectionals and upholstery.
  • Wood and tile looks. Great for adding texture to your outdoor spaces, wood base tables with a mosaic tile top bring color and creative design to your home. Find an assortment of different sizes to match patios, deck, gazebos and pool areas.
  • Concrete outdoor coffee tables. Ideal for modern spaces that need a minimal touch, concrete coffee tables are an exceptional option for contemporary homes. Big and bold, they also add a sense of heft to your exterior design, which is particularly good for oversized outdoor spaces that can be a bit difficult to decorate.
  • Metal designs. Made for spaces that you want to stand out, our metal coffee tables can steal the show in seconds. Our aluminum styles are particularly popular. They also age well and look spectacular even if you leave them outside through harsh weather.
  • Uniquely-shaped coffee tables. Going for a different look in your backyard? You can get something the neighbors definitely don't have with one of our uniquely-shaped coffee tables. Made from materials like concrete, these tables come in oblong styles, broad-base pedestal styles and an assortment of geometric designs. You'll love the way these coffee tables take a simple space and make it look like a style right out of the pages of a design magazine.

Browse West Elm today to find outdoor coffee tables for modern, retro-inspired and transitional homes. Whatever your look, we've got the outdoor essentials you need for your pool, porch, patio, deck or dining area.