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Stock Up on Cleaning Products From west elm

A clean home is a happy home. Simplify house cleaning by investing in cleaning supplies from west elm. This collection of supplies makes cleaning many surfaces throughout the home easier. Plus, you can even find products for the bathroom and laundry room in this collection. Enjoy the convenience of stocking up on cleaning products from west elm. You'll appreciate the eco-friendly products, which are good for your home and the environment. So, learn more about how to keep your home clean with the help of these cleaning supplies.

Surface Cleaning

Every surface in your home requires regular cleaning, but it doesn't always work to use the same cleaner for every surface. This west elm collection offers a convenient solution for this cleaning conundrum. With one purchase, you can invest in a cleanup kit that provides you with three cleaners: glass and mirror, perfect for your glass coffee table, multisurface and bathroom. Better yet, these cleaners come with three reusable acrylic bottles, along with three cleaning tablets for each surface. Simply add the cleaning tablets to the bottle with water and you'll be ready to clean. These cleaners are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free, making it a conscious cleaning choice. Plus, they offer welcoming aromas, including fresh lemon for the multisurface cleaner and eucalyptus mint for the bathroom cleaner.

Laundry and Bathroom

Other cleaning supplies are available in this west elm collection. Your bathroom always requires a reliable bottle of hand soap, and you can pick up one from west elm. This soap comes in a reusable glass bottle, adding an elegant touch to your bathroom countertop. Enjoy its iris agave scent and easy-to-use tablets that allow you to refill the foaming soap with ease.

You can even find laundry cleaning supplies in this collection. Laundry powder is an eco-friendly cleaning solution, thanks to its all-natural design. It works well on non-delicate clothing, towels and bedding. Pair this reliable powder with a stain-removal stick that will help you eliminate tough stains. This eco-friendly product is also all-natural and can eliminate wine, coffee or lipstick stains from clothing. Finally, check out the bleach alternative, which is another all-natural option that can brighten soiled clothing.

Give your home the cleaning it deserves with environmentally-safe, reliable and effective cleaning supplies available from west elm. Whether you're wiping down your buffet so you can place a serving tray on it or giving your bathroom a deep cleaning, there are products in this collection that make your task easier and more effective.