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Versatile Storage Baskets Improve Organization

There's no better way to keep loose items organized around the home than with storage baskets. These versatile storage solutions are practical in every room, allowing you to keep surfaces, from tabletops to floors, clean and free of debris. Thanks to an array of sizes and styles, these storage bins from west elm work well in every home.

Types of Baskets

Storage baskets at west elm come in many styles, with different sizes in each collection to suit your space. Woven baskets are a popular and versatile option. They are designed for durability and can support large loads. Built-in handles make it simple to transport these storage baskets around the home. Select solid-colored neutral baskets or multihued baskets that enliven your room with color. Mix-and-match sizes so that you have a uniform look in one room with practical storage spots throughout the space.

When shopping for baskets, consider whether you want a style with a lid. Lids help to conceal storage, allowing for a clean look. However, open styles make cleanup a cinch and keep your items easily accessible.

Basket Uses

Walk around your home, and you'll quickly realize that you have a use for storage baskets in every space. Tuck them in the corner of a bedroom to hold extra pillows and blankets. Hamper-style baskets are ideal for closets, bathrooms or laundry rooms to collect clothes. Place smaller baskets on shelves or in cubbies to keep everything from toys to books organized. These baskets can help organize food in the pantry or linens in the bathroom or closet. The more storage baskets in your home, the better organized you will be.

Storage baskets are a simple yet effective way to optimize organization around the house, along with other organizational features. Thanks to west elm's extensive collection of storage bins, you can discover a size and style perfect for your home.