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Light Bulbs + Lighting Accessories

At west elm, we understand that each person has their own vision for how they want their home to look. We want to help you to bring your ideas to reality and create your desired ambience in each of your rooms. One great way to do that? Adding beautiful lighting that’s tailored to the needs and style of each space in your home. Lighting can play a big part in the way a space feels. That’s why we offer a great selection of lighting hardware and bulbs to make sure you find exactly what you need.


For starters, we’re making the switch to all-LED lighting for a number of reasons. Warm, bright LED lights are very energy efficient, using up to 90 percent less power than incandescent bulbs. And because they use only a fraction of the energy of an incandescent light bulb, there’s a dramatic decrease in power usage. You can save energy and worry less about maintenance and replacement costs due to the long LED lifespan, which is about 15,000 hours. Plus, they’re mercury, free so disposal, when it's time, is safe.


LED manufacturers are not only increasing efficiency, but they’re also expanding your options. Beautiful pendants, chandeliers, flushmounts and more create a distinctive look that features designs in which the light bulb itself plays a large part. That means you’ll want to select a light bulb shape that coordinates well with the rest of your space. Several styles of Edison bulbs or globe lights create an attractive mood in any room and generate instant beauty that’s sure to impress guests and inspire both you and your family thanks to their stylish filaments. Plus, the bulbs fit standard sockets for convenience. So, whether it’s a clear, straight or globe LED bulb – or even an Edison bulb, a candelabra bulb or any other style of LED bulb – you’ll save energy while still enjoying the brightness.


The lighting in your home is far more than just bulbs and fixtures, however. At the heart of your living space, that’s what lights up your rooms, but floor lamps make a design statement all on their own. They have the ability to stand out as one of the most noticeable parts of any room in your house, particularly a living room, bedroom or dining room. Enhance your home decor with floor lamps that blend with the rest of the design but also reveal something about your personal style as you capture the attention of friends and guests.


For those areas with a lot of richly toned furniture, like living rooms or bedrooms that typically feature a combination of accent tables, distinctive-looking lamps are a great choice. Serving both practical and decorative needs, table lamps offer plenty in terms of personality for your room. To customize the lamps themselves according to your personal tastes, many shades are available in standout drum styles and classically tapered selections. Choose from natural-colored shades to add a warmer feel to a room. You can also go with ivory tones to create a clean, spacious look.


If you live in a place with an industrial look – or even if you don’t – you can add industrial elements to give your space the look you've always dreamed of. Industrial furniture can provide the feel of a factory, warehouse or laboratory, but so can lighting. Your industrial lighting can appear in many forms. It can sit on a desk as a task lamp or attach to a wall to provide light for reading. It can also sit on the floor or hang from the ceiling alone or as part of a larger group, in or out of a glass shade. However you decide to design your space, think about the lighting and what a difference it can make in both form and function.