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Make a Statement with Modern Chandeliers

While some modern overhead lighting options, like simple flush mounts, are built to blend in, modern chandeliers are made to stand out. Enhance any room in the home with a stunning chandelier from West Elm. These contemporary chandeliers add brightness and style to dark rooms and are available in a variety of interesting shapes and colors.

Modern Tiered and Waterfall Chandeliers

Sparkling crystal or mirrored chandeliers are usually what come to mind when you picture a chandelier. While these are more traditional in style, the tiered and waterfall chandeliers at West Elm feature modern and industrial elements that influence the overall look.

  • Tiered chandeliers are generally designed with three or more tiers, with the largest layer near the base. The pairing of translucent glass in a tiered metal frame is effortlessly modern.
  • Waterfall chandeliers feature dozens of cascading crystals held by beautiful metallic chains. These eye-catching lights are elegant and industrial.

Sculptural Glass Chandeliers

Stunning sculptural glass chandeliers are like art for your ceiling. These modern chandeliers are available with three to seven glass shades. The sculptural glass lighting collection also includes various flush mounts, wall sconces, floor lamps and pendant lighting.

  • Choose from clear, milk or ombre glass shades and light or dark metallic canopies.
  • Build-your-own sculptural lighting by choosing a brushed brass, polished nickel or antique bronze base and seven glass shades. Mix-and-match shade colors and sizes to create a unique lighting focal point in your space.

Modern Mobile Chandeliers

Mobiles aren't just for the nursery anymore! These mobile-inspired contemporary chandeliers make an eye-catching addition to kitchens or dining rooms.

  • These unique light fixtures accommodate six LED bulbs with no light shades. Skinny light bulbs give the chandelier a simple, clean look while oversized bulbs are very trendy.
  • Mobile chandeliers come with adjustable arms and allow for various hanging heights so they'll fit almost any space.

Modern Sphere and Stem and Staggered Glass Chandeliers

The sphere and stem and staggered glass lighting collections both have a fairly similar look. Both collections utilize spherical light shades mounted on metal rods. Clear, milk and ombre glass shades are available.

  • Simple designs include three or four light shades and more elaborate designs feature nine to 12 light shades.
  • The chandelier frame is finished in either bright antique brass or dark antique bronze.

Modern Light Rod Chandeliers

Modern LED light rod chandeliers are one of the most modern designs available. These lights feature a sleek contemporary design with no light bulbs to install or replace.

  • The integrated LED lights are ultra-efficient and will last for thousands of hours.
  • The base and arms are available in antique brass, polished nickel or bronze. The arms are also fully adjustable and can be repositioned to create a unique sculptural art piece.

Upgrade the lighting around your home with modern chandeliers from West Elm. Choose a design from one of the chandelier lighting collections, then customize the frame and light shade colors to fit your space. These contemporary chandeliers make a great addition to kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and all other living spaces.