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Stylish Flush Mount Lighting Options

When choosing the light fixtures for your home, you'll have your pick of great West Elm options including chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces. But while many of these fixtures only look good in certain settings, flush mount lighting looks great just about anywhere.

What Is Flush Mount Lighting?

A flush mount light fixture is a type of mounted ceiling light that sits flush with the ceiling. Once installed, there should be no gap between the ceiling and the base of the light fixture. This type of fixture is especially helpful in rooms with low ceilings.

Simple Flush Mounts

There are several modern flush mount lighting options that are simple enough to be used in every area of the home, including bedrooms, hallways and home offices.

  • Globe flush mounts made of glass with metallic accents brighten up any space.
  • Globe lights with colored or frosted glass shades provide softer lighting.
  • Flush mounts with metal ceiling light shades are beautifully sleek and modern.

Track Lighting

While most flush mounts are single bulb light fixtures, there are also several options with three or more bulbs. This type of track lighting allows you to aim the lights at different spots to brighten up large rooms.

  • In the kitchen, mount the track lighting over the kitchen island or in the middle of the room.
  • In bathrooms, mount the track lighting over the bathroom vanity.
  • In the basement, mount the track lighting in the middle of the room, then strategically aim the bulbs so they'll light up all dark spaces.

Decorative Flush Mounts

Skip the hanging chandeliers and use gorgeous decorative flush mounts to make an impact in your living room or dining room.

  • Look for modern flush mount lighting with abstract metal features.
  • Color choices include brushed nickel and antique brass.

Flush mount lighting is a great choice for use throughout the home in hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms, basements and more. With options ranging from simple fixtures to eye-catching design pieces, you can choose lighting that best fits your personal decorating style.