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Modern Light Fixtures for Every Room

Adding new ceiling lights, lamps or other light fixtures to your living spaces completely transforms the look and atmosphere of the room. Browse the west elm lighting collection to discover modern lighting options for every space.

Ceiling Lights

The ceiling light functions as the main light fixture in most living spaces. There are four main types of ceiling fixtures to choose from.

  • Chandeliers are a striking lighting centerpiece, often installed above the dining room table. Options include traditional hanging chandeliers, soft glass globe chandeliers, dramatic mobile chandeliers and more.
  • Pendants are fixtures which feature a large clear, frosted or colored light shade hanging from a long rod or chain. These lights are a great choice for rooms with high ceilings.
  • Flushmounts are a type of light fixture that sits flush with the ceiling. They are available in simple or decorative designs and are great for lighting large rooms while maximizing your living space.
  • Ceiling fans double as a lighting option and as a way to circulate air in your living spaces. These fans are available in modern metal or metal and wood styles.

Floor and Table Lamps

Unlike overhead lights, which are generally hardwired to the ceiling, lamps are an instant, portable lighting solution. Tall floor lamps come in a variety of great colors and designs. Overarching metal lamps hang directly over couches and chairs, casting light right where you need it in living rooms or reading nooks.

Decorative table lamps add soft lighting to console or side tables in living rooms and hallways. They're also the perfect size to sit on nightstands in the bedroom. Simple black and white lamps, metallic lamps and colorful lamps are available to coordinate with your existing decor. For office desks, task lamps feature a curved bar that focuses the light to your workspace. These lamps also often come with built-in USB ports for charging your devices.

Wall Sconces

Another way to add extra lighting is by using light fixtures which mount to the wall. Modern wall sconces take up very little wall space and come in stylish shades like gold, silver and black. Adjustable sconces with movable arms and tilting light shades are also available for focused task light. Single sconces work well in just about any living space and double and triple wall sconces look great above any bathroom vanity.

Light Bulbs and Lighting Accessories

Complete your fixtures with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED light bulbs. LED bulbs are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit the various lighting options. Choose from clear or frosted glass light bulbs to achieve your ideal lighting levels.

There are also several unique lighting accessories available to complement your fixtures and home decor.

  • String lights add a magical glow to banisters, fireplace mantels, outdoor fences and more. Choose from strings with battery-powered LED lights or solar string lights that recharge in the sunlight.
  • Smart home light starter kits come with a special bulb and adapter to turn one light fixture into a voice-activated device.
  • Neon light signs make a bold statement in your home decor. These playful signs feature glass and acrylic tubing shaped into fun phases and lit by a power cord.

Enhance every room in the home with modern and unique light fixtures from west elm. Choose from a variety of simple and striking ceiling lights as your main light source then add lamps, wall sconces and other lighting accessories to illuminate dark corners and improve the ambiance in your home.