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Table Lamps to Brighten Any Corner

Table lamps have long been a design emblem of a stylish home or apartment. The styles you choose may vary by room, but the overall impact of your selections lets everyone who enters know what kind of great taste you have. New looks are available all the time in table lamps, but when you shop west elm, you know you're getting high-quality pieces that give every area of your home a beautiful glow. Brighten far corners, rejuvenate alcoves or make task work easier in a home office.

Discovering the Charm of Table Lamps

With so many new lighting options today, there are two approaches to choosing new lamps. Either you need a clear vision of what you want or just let yourself fall for a creatively designed piece and make it yours.

  • Choose new table lamps to refresh a tableau of a side table and decorative objects or to illuminate a meaningful new artwork.
  • Light up an entryway with a welcoming lamp that makes it easy to see the doorknob, put keys away, get shoes on and off or organize your bags for the day.
  • Complement a new aesthetic you've created with refreshed furnishings or a big, new rug. Your lamps can become an important part of your home decor when you pair them with curtains, candles, baskets and other accessories.

Modern Silhouettes for Your Next Desk Lamp

Table and desk lamp silhouettes are subject to so much creativity. Browse our wide selection to see what's new in design.

  • Matte black is having a moment that's here to stay. Pair black lamp bases with neutral shades to keep things looking balanced.
  • Glass shades have also been popular, but now you can select from lamps that include the best of mid-century and modern design with brass bases or warm globe shades over downlights.
  • Stem lamps add a sculptural element to your spaces, while adjustable necks are perfect for desk work at home.

USB Desk and Bedside Lamps

To make your table lamp as modern and useful as possible, choose a style that comes with a USB port.  These novel lamps are becoming a new essential in homes where technology is an integral part of your lifestyle.

  • Plug your lamp into the wall like you normally would. It looks just like a regular bedside lamp.
  • Charge your phone in the base of the lamp where a USB outlet lets you connect your phone.
  • In the morning or after a work session at your desk, your phone is charged and ready to go.

With so many wonderful new lamps available, give your home a sweet refresh with new light today.